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Pricing for Ranch Call Photography

Don's day rate for ranch calls:
$500.00 for the day *
$300.00 1/2 day**
Mileage is $.65 per mile roundtrip

When air travel is necessary we would prefer a round-trip ticket supplied by the customer (preferably from Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City). The cost of the ticket, whether supplied by the customer or by Don Shugart Photography, plus $.65 per mile roundtrip to and from the airport (DFW or OKC), plus parking, is in addition to the day rate of the ranch call.

The charge per horse for taking the photos is $50.00 per horse. You will receive computer-generated 4x5 (four to a page) proofs of the pictures taken. This cost replaces our film charge (before digital technology became a superior method for taking pictures) which was 12 shots per roll of film @ $50.00 per roll.

The cost of one 8x10 photograph (hard copy) resulting from a ranch call is $35.00. There is a discount for multiple prints of the same size, using the same image. All sizes from 5x7 to 20x24 and larger are available for your personal enjoyment.

Digital enhancement has replaced airbrushing when new backgrounds, calming manes, tails, foretops, removing lead shanks, (or even halters if desired), or any thing that is in the picture that a customer would like to have removed is necessary. Digital work normally costs $75.00 per hour. We can only give you an estimate of the final price of digital work on any photo. However, once the digital work is done the image is "saved" as a "worked up" image and can be printed in any size, at any time.

Any image can be sent to the advertising agency or a publication for $35.00 per image. This includes the image being prepared for your ad, but DOES NOT INCLUDE DIGITAL ENHANCEMENT. That would be figured at the same rate per hour as for a hard copy photo. We suggest that a customer order at least one 8x10 of each image used for advertising for personal enjoyment.

Any image can be worked up on a disc to be sent to an advertising agency or publication at a cost of $35.00 per image plus $20.00 disc setup. The 300 dpi images, e-mail or disc, are sent ONLY to an ad agent or publication and are not available to the customer. We will provide an 8x10 72 dpi image for screen imaging only, to the customer for use on a web site. The price for the 72 dpi image e-mail would be $35.00 for an image that has not been ordered previously, or $20.00 for an image that has been prepared for ad use. For a disc, the cost would be $35.00 for an image that has not been ordered previously, or $20.00 for an image that has been prepared for ad use, plus $20.00 disc setup. Several images can be placed on one disc.

Ranch Calls are given priority treatment and are usually completed within a two week period (with exceptions being very large or complicated orders; i.e., large quantity orders, or a lot of digital work) and we will do our best to meet your ad deadline. In order to accomplish this you may view the digital images on Don's monitor at the time the pictures are taken and select the photo or photos you would like to use, or if you are unable to do this, the proofs are sent to you within a week or less, depending upon your location.


Please feel free to call for an appointment. A major credit card number will be required when the appointment is scheduled.

*When travel requires overnight, ½ day ($300.00) is charged for the day of travel.

**Half Day is equivalent to 4 hrs. not including travel time.

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